Invisalign® for Seattle, WA

Everyone is going crazy over these clear aligners!

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Why Choose Invisalign®?

The preferred solution to metal braces.

Have you been wanting to have a straighter smile? Well, now you can with Invisalign® in Seattle, the modern solution for teeth that are crooked or misaligned.

Many of our patients have told us that they like would like to straighten their teeth but they don't really want to deal with the embarrassment and hassle of metal braces. Invisalign® is the solution.

By means of discreet plastic aligner trays that are custom created for your smile, your teeth are gently moved into their ideal position. No hassel, no embarrassment!

Invisalign® is the perfect solution for both teens and adults.


Are You a Candidate for Invisalign®?

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Why Our Patients Love Invisalign®

Get straight teeth faster without the drawback of metal braces!

No metal wire or brackets to cause chafing or that have to be constantly adjusted.
Nearly Invisible
The clear plastic aligners used to move your teeth into position are barely noticable.
Faster Results
Invisalign® gets faster results than traditional braces. You could have a straighter smile in just months!
The best thing about Invisalign® is that the aligner trays can be removed to brush and floss your teeth and to eat.
Save Time
With Invisalign® you only have to visit our office about every 6 weeks to get your next series of aligner trays.
The cost of invisalign® is usually about the same for traditional braces and is usually covered by orthodontic insurance or flexible spending accounts (FSA).

‘‘ I've come to expect the highest level of service here and was not disappointed. In fact, I am continually impressed! Thanks to Ariel & Dr. Curtis - and Micky in the front office too! ’’

- Shawn K. (Actual Patient)

Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign® in Seattle, WA

We have the answers to frequently asked questions about the true alternative to traditional braces.

Closeup of a patient putting on a custom Invisalign tray. This dentist offers Invisalign in Seattle

You will wear each set of bespoke invisible aligners for about two weeks and replace aligners as the teeth move into position. You visit the dentist every six weeks to check on progress. Learn more about the Invisalign process.
The process uses the latest 3-D computer technology – it is simply amazing.
The aligners will gently move your teeth over time, which can create slight discomfort but for many, this is minor and won't last long.
The average treatment time for Invisalign® is 9-15 months, but it does vary from case to case.

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