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A young patient receiving an oral exam to check the overall health of her smile.

Oral Exams

During your first exam, we use the latest technology to accurately diagnose any oral problems and give you the most accurate advice and treatment.

Your exam begins by addressing any concerns you have, and a visual examination with charting takes place. Next, Dr. Curtis uses an Intra-oral camera, which allows you and the doctor to see the inside of your mouth on a screen and identify any teeth or gum issues. Then, we take digital X-rays for a proper diagnosis of both your front and back teeth.

Once we have gathered all the relevant information, we will discuss your range of treatment options.


Gum Treatments

Gum (periodontal) disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in the United States and is caused by long-term exposure to plaque, which can result in pain, swelling, and bleeding gums.

The best treatment is to be both proactive and preventative by attending regular oral exams at your dentist and having a quality oral hygiene routine at home.

However, if gum disease has reached a more advanced stage, there is a lot that can be done to treat it, such as laser bacterial reduction. This non-surgical treatment vaporizes harmful bacteria that causes gum disease.

Our dental expert will provide a thorough examination of your gums, explain your treatment options, and provide preventative advice to stop gum disease in the future.

Plus, to make your cleanings more comfortable, we offer cetacaine topical anesthetic for patients with very sensitive teeth.

A young patient receiving an oral exam to check the overall health of her smile.A smiling woman shows the importance of your gum health on the rest of your mouth and body.
A smiling man illustrates the painless (that's right, painless!) root canal treatments performed at Downtown Dentistry in Seattle.

Root Canals

Many tooth problems involve infections in the pulp (or inside of your tooth), which can lead to problems in the tooth’s root. Root canal therapy allows your dentist to save the tooth by removing the infection and stopping it from spreading.

This simple treatment involves painlessly (that’s right - no pain!) removing the infected tissue and filling it with an elastic material. It is then finished with a crown for a more natural look. The entire procedure can be completed in one visit.


Emergency Dentistry

A knocked-out or cracked tooth can cause panic, but by staying calm and calling Downtown Dentistry, you can avoid unnecessary damage or stress. Our responsive team is available for emergencies during office hours.

‘‘ This team's commitment to providing a great patient experience is evident on all levels. I love this office - even though I have always been afraid of going to the dentist. I cannot recommend this office highly enough, especially for those afraid of the dentist, pain, needles, etc. They put you at ease immediately and completely. ’’

- Heidi D. (Actual Patient)

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