Teeth Whitening Strips – Do They Really Work?

Most adults in America wish they had a whiter or brighter smile. With so many options for improving your smile, it takes time to find the right teeth-whitening product for you. Once you start doing your research, teeth-whitening strips may pop out to you as a convenient, affordable treatment option. But how effective are they? […]

family smiling after receiving dental crowns

Dental Crowns: What Are They and How Much Do They Cost?

  In this blog, we’ll go over crowns. While they’re tailored and fit for royalty because of their high-quality, we’re not talking about the kind of crown a queen or king wears… We’re talking about dental crowns that help restore teeth both in beauty and function. If you’ve found yourself needing a tooth restoration due […]

A couple smiling after getting dental veneers in Seattle

Dental Veneers FAQs (Plus a Cosmetic Dentistry Comparison)

Are you looking to improve the look of your teeth and comparing different cosmetic dentistry procedures? You may have come across some amazing transformations and celebrity-worthy smiles courtesy of dental veneers. But what are they, does insurance cover them, and how do they compare to other options? You’re in the right place! We offer porcelain […]

Straighten your teeth with Invisalign.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Have you heard your friends talking about Invisalign®? Straight teeth without metal braces! Is this possible? We’re here to tell you it’s not only possible, but it’s also one of the most requested teeth-straightening treatments today. How does Invisalign® work without using metal braces… This text opens the Invisalign page in a new tab …? […]