5 Important Factors For Choosing a Dentist in Downtown Seattle

Who is the right dentist for you in downtown Seattle?

Are you looking for a new dentist in the downtown Seattle area?

Choosing the right dentist is vital to protecting the health of your family.

With so many downtown Seattle dentists available, how do you make the right choice?

Here are five vital factors to consider before you make your decision!

1. Location of the dental office

We all lead such busy lives today that having a dentist who is easy and convenient to get to is essential.

It should be easy to drop by for appointments – no matter what your schedule entails.

Downtown Dentistry has a dental office in the heart of downtown Seattle with underground parking and is within easy walking distance of the light rail.

Having such a convenient location will make it easy for you to keep your scheduled appointments with us while you keep up with your busy day.

2. The dentist’s experience and education

There is no substitute for experience, especially when it comes to dentistry!

You want to choose a dentist who has the training and hands-on experience to deal successfully with any dental issues.

Dr. Kathy Curtis has almost 30 years of experience in providing her patients with first-class general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. She has consistently been named a Seattle Met Top DentistOpens in Seattle Met Top Dentist website every year!

She has pursued continued education and training in advanced dentistry areas, such as:

  • Laser dentistry certification
  • UCLA mini-residency in dental sleep medicine
  • Pinhole surgery for minimally invasive gum grafting
  • Two year TMJ treatment symposium

Isn’t that the kind of resume you want from your dentist?

3.  Do they use the latest in dental technology?

Dentistry has taken leaps ahead when it comes to technology and dental techniques.

These new technologies are designed to give you a better dental experience – faster, more effective, and more comfortable.

Our office is proud to offer our patients the best in proven, leading-edge technology to help in both prevention and treatment, such as:

  • Digital x-rays – Provide less radiation exposure, highly detailed photos, and instant results.
  • Oral cancer screenings – Using Velscope, we can detect tissue abnormalities not apparent to the naked eye.
  • Intra-oral camera – Lets you see what’s happening with your mouth in real-time.
  • Comprehensive laser dentistry – For pain-free, precise dental treatment.

We feel you deserve the best dentistry has to offer. Don’t you?

4. How does the dental office ensure your comfort?

For many people, a trip to the dentist is filled with anxious feelings.

A first-class downtown Seattle dentist will offer comforting amenities to help you relax and feel comfortable throughout your visit.

What kind of comforts can you expect?

At Downtown Dentistry, we offer in-office comforts that promote tranquility, including:

  • Warm blankets
  • Cushioning neck wraps
  • Comfortable, reclining chairs
  • Soothing aromatherapy
  • Relaxing music from your favorite Pandora station
  • Hot towels
  • Paraffin hand wax treatments

As you can see, when it comes to patient care, we feel nothing is too good for you!

5. Do they discuss treatment plans and costs upfront?

Any credible dentist should!

After an initial exam and x-rays, a dentist should provide you with an outlined treatment plan and estimated cost.

They should be able to give you a timeline and how many visits you will need to plan on making.

What can you expect to experience on your first visit with our Seattle dentist and team?

  • A warm welcome from a team member who will also be happy to answer any questions for you
  • One-on-one time with Dr. Curtis and a comprehensive exam with x-rays
  • Dr. Curtis will outline and discuss a detailed treatment plan and answer any additional questions

Dr. Curtis believes in minimally invasive, high-quality, and patient-driven care. You will be making the final decisions about your care; you are always in the driver’s seat!

The choice is up to you!

As we said earlier, choosing the right dentist in downtown Seattle can be challenging.

We hope these five factors above will help your decision.

After considering everything we’ve said about the kind of high-quality dentistry you can expect at Downtown Dentistry, we hope you will give us a try.

We don’t just serve patients in downtown Seattle; we are happy to welcome patients from Bellevue, Redmond, Renton, Kent, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, and South Lake Union.

It’s easy to make an appointment with us. Just click the button below:

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Or  you can contact us by these other convenient means:

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